December 20, 2023

You’re the Linchpin

“Your organization is only as good as your people.“
“Your employees are your greatest asset.”
“The success of a company relies on the strength of its employees.”

I’m sure you’ve heard these quotes before, or at least ones that have the same sentiment.

And you probably think the same thing that almost everyone who reads these quotes thinks…”I need to hire and train the best people if I want my business to be great.”

And you're right, that’s absolutely true.

But, let me ask you a different question to help you think about these statements with a different perspective.

Do you group yourself into “your people”?
Do you consider yourself as your business’s greatest asset?

I'm challenging you to think about it that way for a minute.

Have you considered that your business is only going to reach the potential that your personal development can get it to?

That your business can only be as good as your leadership?

Or only as good as your decision-making?

My guess is that you have, at the very least, thought about it.

After all, you’re reading this email, working with a Success Coach and part of the FR community.

But I encourage you to really think about what that means and what it takes.

Are you working to become a better leader? Are you consciously developing your perspective, the way you think and your decision-making skills?

Working ON your business is important. That goes without saying. And finding good people is imperative if your goal is business growth.

But you’re the lynchpin. You’re the key to getting from where you are to where you want to be. Not the latest promo, not the newest marketing tactic and not another new certification. Your ability to think, act and decide like a business owner.

Don’t neglect your personal development.

Your personal and business success counts on it.

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