December 12, 2023

Addition by Subtraction

Hope you're navigating all of the wonderful and crazy things that the month of December brings! I've got something thought-provoking to share with you today as we all start thinking about 2024.

It's about doing things or looking at things a bit differently - think "less is more."

Ever noticed how, in our pursuit of growth and improvement, we're always trying to add new things to ‘fix’ our problems? New software, the latest marketing trend, a magic system that will unlock the next level... you name it.

However, sometimes the most impactful change comes from simplifying. From letting go of what's no longer serving us. This idea is rooted in a fascinating phenomenon known as "subtraction bias," where people often overlook simpler solutions that involve removing things rather than adding new ones.

A recent study highlighted this bias, showing how volunteers, when faced with problems like stabilizing a Lego tower, instinctively tried to add more pieces, even when removing a few would have been a quicker and easier solution. This tendency extends beyond physical tasks to our personal and professional lives. We often seek happiness and success by adding more to our lives.

But what if the secret lies in subtraction?

Bertrand Russell, a renowned philosopher and Nobel laureate, and modern happiness researchers like Arthur Brooks, suggest that subtracting certain habits and mindsets can significantly enhance our well-being. For instance, letting go of social comparison and envy can free us from unnecessary burdens. Embracing moments of boredom rather than trying to fill every bit of free time and space can actually spark creativity. And facing our fears and anxieties can lead to profound personal growth.

And here's more food for thought: ditching pointless guilt, steering clear of the victim mentality, and not sweating too much about what others think can lead to a more genuine and happy life. Sounds pretty freeing, right?

So, for us fitness business owners, this could be a game changer. Maybe it's not about the latest and greatest equipment or adding another software. Sometimes, it's about streamlining processes, focusing on what truly matters, and letting go of what doesn't. (I’m sure your Success Coach has reinforced this same concept with you - maybe even more than once?? :))

As we gear up for the new year, why not think about what you could let go of to make space for some awesome new growth and satisfaction?

Wishing you a productive and fulfilling December, and to making 2024 our best year yet with a little less on our plates!

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